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heart confition

The heart wants what it wants and it wants to be loved. In our quest to find it or be found by it, we will go through a variety of emotions. The heart will be both full and empty. A place of joy and a wasteland. The heart will suffer from poor diet (bad relationships) and be resuscitated in the hands of a master. The heart will beat wildly and wane softly. Heart Condition is one poet’s. . .  this poet’s. . .  own personal journey through hoping and losing hope in that which we all need.

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Esteem Makeover: God’s Edition is a short daily devotional that takes you through seven complete weeks of daily revelation and restoration. It is my prayer and belief that if you work through this book earnestly and with humility, ready to look at the most frightening parts of your own demeaning behaviors, you will come out as pure gold on the other side. Better. Stronger. Happier than you ever have been before. Are you ready to really be happy?

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