I Am A Black Woman

I am a Black womanHear me when I sayNothing …nothing… nothing in mehas ever regretted being born this waywhy would I when I am motherwhy would I when I am queenwhy would I when from my wombcame the beginning of everythingi am entrusted with the ears of kingsand the prince is trained at my handmy love, my…

Way They Do My Life

Make me wanna holler. The way they do my life. Make me wanna holler. The way they do my life.This ain’t livin’, This ain’t livin’.Nah, nah baby… this ain’t livin’. Make me wanna holler… throw up both my hands. But I won’t. I won’t throw up my hands and quit.I won’t throw up my hands and…

Poem: Sounds Like Weeping

Loving you sounds like weeping And keeping Up with the melody you sing Is causing me to lose the time What once was yours and had become mine Is now hitting on the two And every thought I have of you Is muffled by memories of what you used to do And I can’t hear…

Poem: This

This quiet This peace This hope This dream This now This then This moment This when This day This prayer This here This there This smile This wish This everything This THIS. A Mishunda Mathis Original (c) 2018

Stop Stopping

You certainly won’t get where you want to be standing still. Progressing is key. Let your setbacks, missteps and hurdles simply help you know what doesn’t work. Every shut door does not mean failure. Regroup and press in, soldier. We win in these parts. #keepgoing