Poem: Sounds Like Weeping

Loving you sounds like weeping
And keeping
Up with the melody you sing
Is causing me to lose the time
What once was yours and had become mine
Is now hitting on the two
And every thought I have of you
Is muffled by memories of what you used to do
And I can’t hear your song for listening to you
Recite the lines of your ill-formed poetry
Can’t hear you any longer calling me
From a place so deep it has no name
I’m not new–
Things just aren’t the same
And I am big enough to accept that all music comes to an end
And we can just be friends
And leave it at that
Just don’t try to play your secondhand love for me
And expect me not to call it whack
Expect me not to give it back
Expect me just to take whatever scrap you are willing to feed me
I’m ok if you don’t need me
But love is a required field
And if your presence will not yield
A symphony of joy and light played on keys and strings
Than, my love, there are so many better things
I can do with my time
Things you can do besides waste mine
We can go our separate ways and be juuuust fine
Call it a lesson in drawing the line
Between what we want and what we wish
Because I can tell you something…
This ain’t it


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