Poem: “Hurt”

He went to look for her where he left her
And was surprised to find her gone
To think a woman of such depth and beauty
Would not up and move on
If left unattended…
How offensive!
The light of love became too dim,
And while she only wanted to receive light from him
She was bright enough to see when love went dark.
And he could swear here and there what was in his heart
But her native language of love was time.
And if she never saw him
How could she believe she was on his mind?
If she never heard the notification chime
Then why wouldn’t she think he hadn’t crossed the line
From love to lazy?
Because maybe… just maybe
This was the best he had to give…



Heart broken.
Love spoken.
Wounds opened.
His memory was like a poke in the eye.
Each kiss… each embrace… each wish
A lie
He could not fulfill
Her heart ached for his words to be real
Her soul longed to feel
Like more than a forgotten task on his to-do list
He didn’t utter
Caused her to shutter every night
Caused her to sleep with the lights on
To admit he was
If he was ever really there
So she packed up her courage to change her where
From the place he knew so well
And if he ever found the time to call again
She’d be sure to tell him so
Her faith in such miracles
Apparently was lost and had nowhere to go.


A Mishunda Mathis Original

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