SheBeSewing: Bishop Sleeve Blouse

I remember sewing by hand for my dolls as a kid. I have always loved beautiful clothes but never thought of myself as particularly stylish. I never had the money to buy what I wanted and never really liked shopping, but I always wanted to look good. So I started to teach myself. That was at least 35 years ago.

Fast-forward to present day when if I find myself inspired by a look, I am very likely to hit the sewing room and see what I can do. Such as with this amazing blouse from #folakehuntoon from In my mind, the beautiful Folake and I are in a mentor/mentee relationship and she is teaching me daily that style is not just what you wear… it is the grace with which you wear it.

Love how this top turned out and ABSOLUTELY about these sleeves. Apologies now for if you see these sleeves over and over and over again.

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